What is Passive Fire Protection?

The primary objective of passive fire protection is to design and construct buildings so that it is possible to control the spread of fire and smoke for a prescribed period of time. We do this by dividing the building into ‘compartments’, or zones. If a fire starts, the measures we have carried out will prevent fire and smoke from ‘leaking’ into the compartments around it, for as long as possible. As one of Ireland’s leading fire stopping contractors, we can effectively isolate a fire, minimise the damage it causes, and maximise the escape time for building occupants.

How do we stop fires from spreading?

By correctly installing the right building products, we can slow the spread of fire. For example, ‘fire stopping’ seals holes around ducts and any other breaches in a compartment envelope. ‘Intumescent paint’ and ‘steel encasement’ insulate key structural elements. ‘Fire doors’ plug designed apertures. ‘Fire curtains’ create containment zones in open areas. ‘Cavity barriers’ prevent fire from spreading to other zones through the cavities in external walls. Finally, ‘fire rated partition walls and ceilings’ prevent fire from spreading upwards or outwards through internal walls and ceilings. 

Any amount of time that a fire can be contained, is time that occupants of the building have in which to escape safely. And it also gives firefighters the best possible chance of getting on top of the blaze.

This time period generally ranges from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

We use only the best and most up to date products and technology, so you can be sure our work is compliant with Irish Building Regulations, Building Control Regulations 2014, Fire Safety Task Force 2018 and British & EU Standards.

Our Services

At Fire Containment Ltd, we provide a full and comprehensive range of services. These include fire stopping, intumescent painting, duct sealing, fire doors, cavity fire barriers, fire curtains, fire rated partitions & ceilings, and steel encasement. So you can be sure we can look after every aspect of your passive fire protection needs. Find out more about the services we offer below…

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