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At Fire Containment Limited we believe in offering our customers the very best in all that we do. We have a great in-house team, made up of talented and knowledgeable individuals. But that is not enough! We know from experience that we achieved exceptional results by ensuring that our extended team includes the best suppliers and technology available. All of the products we use conform with current fire safety regulations. We also keep a keen eye out for innovations in our industry. To that end, we are delighted to be using Bolster, a comprehensive and intuitive fire safety app.

Slide One particular service that we find brings extra value to all of our clients is Bolster Systems. The Bolster app allows our operatives to quickly and effectively survey a building for compromises to the integrity of a building's passive fire protection. Breaches are logged and photographed. All works carried out are also tagged and logged. Clients can see, in real time, what improvements have been made to bring your building back into compliance. In effect, you gain absolute transparency and peace of mind, knowing that this has been a job well done. Illustration demonstrating how the Bolster app works in order to add value to our services.

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